Client Forms

1. To set up your company for the first time, fill out a new C.O.D. Account Requirements/Contract

2. If your company is already a client, each time you do a new project, we need a new Show Sheet

3. If you are a Propmaster or Set Decorator and would like to add or update your contact information, please fill out a Client Information Sheet

4. Want to pay via credit card? Use the Credit Card Authorization Form

5. Insurance Information required for all accounts

6. See a Sample of Certificate of Insurance

7. Make sure you understand our policy on clearances with the Legal Clearance Disclaimer

Tired of being C.O.D.? Want to just give your salesperson a P.O. number every time you rent? The following additional forms are required to establish an open account at ISS. Be sure to give your production enough time for approval on an open account before you will need to pickup props — since most references will only furnish ratings by mail or fax, it is important to give us at least one week to review your application for credit.

8. New P.O. Information Letter

9. P.O./Open Account Requirements/Contract

10. Company Information/References Form

11. Rating Inquiry Form (Fill out the top half only)

- In addition, if you are planning to rent weapons you will need to read through the permit information, and fill out an Entertainment Firearms Permit

- If you need a copy of our W-9 forms, they can be downloaded here: