New Accounts

To open a new account, please contact:

Laura Diaz or Jennifer Scott
PHONE: 818-951-5600
FAX: 818-951-2850
[email protected]

You may open an account with us by completing a credit application. If you are a new customer, call ahead (818-951-5600, ask for Jennifer Scott). We will fax you an application form, or you can download one. Accounts can be set up as C.O.D. or, if your company qualifies, Net 30. The process for being approved as a Net 30/P.O. account takes 5-7 business days, so be sure to plan ahead. For a complete listing of required paperwork for becoming an ISS customer, please see our New Accounts page.

All new accounts also require a Certificate of Insurance, listing Independent Studio Services as "Additional Insured" and "Loss Payee". Your "cert" can be faxed over to ATTN: Laura Diaz / Jennifer Scott (818-951-2850). Make sure it lists your deductible amount (this will almost always be your deposit amount).