Non Guns

Non Gun Rental

Non guns are revolutionizing the film and TV industry. ISS Weapons is proud to offer this option to productions that are looking for a safe alternative to standard weapons, or that do not have the required permits to use regular blank firing guns. To demonstrate the look of non guns, we have created a video comparison of regular blanks vs. non guns.

Non guns:

do not require an FFL license for handling

will not jam (they are non-mechanical)

use standardized flash loads - one size fits all

can offer a near-silent flash if desired, and

are the safest realistic replica gun available.

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Flash Loads for Non Guns

¼ Flash Silent, ¼ Flash, ½ Flash or Full Flash $5.50 each, plus tax, handling fee and hazardous materials fee.
(Minimum order is a box of 10) Available at the ISS Expendables Store.

Independent Studio Services is the exclusive supplier of Non Gun rentals and sales, and owner of the patented technology behind these props. Unauthorized sources of Non Guns are in direct violation of these patents and offenders will be prosecuted. If you are interested in licensing rights, please contact Gregg Bilson, Jr. 818-951-5600.